Nick's Van: USA, California

Drama • 17 min •

​A man's personal journey takes a slight detour when he unexpectedly travels with a prostitute having a bad day.

Dog: USA, Nevada 

Drama • 13 min • 

​An angry young man decides to exact vengeance for Islamic extremist terrorism by threatening an innocent Arab neighbor and his dog.

Crashing: USA, California

Drama• Romance• 16 min•

An estranged husband and wife find themselves spending one final night together to decide whether to stay together or end their marriage.

Aurora Leonard -known for Limitless (2015), The Affair (2014) and Deadbeat (2014).

Eric Tiede -known for his work on Grimm (2011), Hollywood Heights (2012) and Kickin' It (2011). See full bio »

After Party: USA, NY

Comedy• Drama• Romance • 80 min• 

Young, up-and-coming photographer, LANA, begrudgingly attends the party of a pretentious and cool gallery owner in the hopes of meeting a respected dealer who may hold the key to her success. Quickly finds that the attendees of the party are more style than substance and her friend, the host, isn’t at all what sheseems.


Laura Dreyfuss -known for Glee (2009)

​Sean Kleier -known for Odd Mom Out (2015), Happyish (2015) and The Affair (2014).

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Death Metal: USA, Texas

Short • 5 min • 

A metalhead gets passed down a satanic guitar that riffs to shreds.

Phoenix Run "Home": US, Washington
• 9 min• 

Taking place in a dystopian future where everyone is infected with a deadly nano virus, A street smart smuggler Marky is on the run from a crooked super hero and his infected henchmen. Marky flee's to the only family he's ever known, former superhero Ma Jones AKA Thunder.


Buttercup, USA, Texas

Short • 6 min •

Sheila's new babysitter Emmie asks if there are any bedtime rituals she needs to know about. There are.


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The Bad Job: Hagerstown Filmmaker
Short• 30 min• 

Comedic bank robbery gone wrong where the bad guys seem better than the good guys. The hostages are crazier than the robbers and the FBI agents are crazier than all of them!

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Academy Theater -Friday, March 31st 2017

12:10 pm Academy Theater

Unconditional: Australia Finalist

Student• 14 min•

A young boy retreats into fantasy in order to escape his broken home life after his mother's death.


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I Love New York, USA, NY

Short • 11min • 

In a city where everyone's got an angle, how does you survive? After an NYC first-timer befriends a savvy street girl on the train, she takes him on a fantastical ride through all the city's pitfalls. But nothing's free in this town, so tighten up your hustle or you might just get hustled yourself. 

Lost Indie Mix: US, Maryland Filmmaker
Comedy• Drama• 21 min• 

An aspiring actor auditions for a film role that goes against what he typically would be cast for.Type your paragraph here.

10:00 am Academy Theater

Sight Picture: USA
Short • 10 min

After her house is vandalized a woman stays home from work to find a way to feel safe. Her solution has unexpected consequences.

Insubordination: Maryland Filmmaker
Animation• Comedy 10 min • 

​When an employee of a gun factory is accused of being insensitive to his colleagues, he is forced to endure a cavalcade of anomalous characters for the sake of keeping his job. Will he survive? And what about the children? Are they going to be okay? For the love of god, I hope so. 

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Shoot Me Nicely: USA, NY
Short• 19 min• 

Photographer Sean Wheeler is searching for a lucrative celebrity photo to re-launch his career. After being laid off from his dream job and losing his supermodel girlfriend his life has hit rock bottom. An opportunity presents itself for Sean to prove he has what it takes... but will he succeed?

Go to City Ele: China Finalist
Animation• 30 min•

A little pig from rural 'P town' goes off to to live in the Metropolis. But he finds that a smalltown pig isn't always welcome among the elephants who live in 'City ELE'.