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It's important to us to keep our tickets reasonably priced tickets are $7 or a daytime film and $10 for an evening feature. We're waging a war against the middleman markups that so frequently occur in this industry.  You can also purchase tickets the day of the show at each venue. Just know that seating is limited, and we can't guarantee availability for more popular films. If you have purchased tickets online just save your receipt and show it at the door! For all Day Pass and 2 Day All Festival passes please present receipt at the door!

Washington County Library -Saturday, April 1st, 2017

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3:25Pm Library: one penny

One Penny: Maryland Filmmaker

Feature 90 Min

A young boy - tragically abandoned - gets taken in and raised by a homeless man known as "Professor." Dylan, now a street-smart maverick yearns for a better future, but a dark secret could shatter his world forever.

10:00 AM Library: Across the river

Across the River -United Kingdom

Movie • 1 hr 15 min 10 sec • Comedy, Drama, Romance 
First Loves Reunited... Where Now? 

Ryan is broke, with sculpture his only income and his girlfriend is starting to resent it. They’re having her parents round for dinner so he needs to get back but he’s building an elephant out of sand on the South-bank. 
Emma seems to have it all as a successful corporate lawyer, but juggling the demands of a huge merger and her roles as wife and mother is tough. Ryan was her first love; it ended badly and they haven't seen each other since then... 
...until now. 
It's very awkward at first but they soon find something in common. A strike has paralyzed public transport and they need to get to their homes: quite close to each other, but on opposite sides of the river. He convinces her that they should walk. 
On their way they reminisce, argue, cry and laugh. They can never recapture what they had, but the memory of it tempts Ryan and she too is swept up in the romance; a momentary escape. 
Where now?

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1:25 PM Library: Lotus eyes

Lotus Eyes Down: USA

Movie •1 hour  20 min • Drama
Lotus Eyes follows the story of Simon, a 16-year-old living in a post-oil-crash world, helping his mother hold onto a failing family business. After he finds his shop and home vandalized beyond repair, he leaves his town to find a commune belonging to a distant uncle. He soon finds himself lost and alone in a desolate and unforgiving American landscape where starvation seems imminent until two mysterious strangers offer hope for survival. 

11:25 AM Library: The Open: France 

Feature  103 min.

Bombs have exploded. The war is global.

Yet André and Stéphanie won’t give up: Roland Garros is their life, the reason why they live – their history. And come what may, they will organize their Open, whatever the cost. Even without rackets, even without balls, by the sheer strength of their faith.

They believe in it.

So hard they could even convince Ralph – a guerrilla from the plain – to join them, lay down his weapons, take his racket once more and try his luck in the final: Roland Garros!

Three misfits, playing air tennis in the middle of nowhere, strive to dream – even though life is turning into a farce, even though the world is coming to an end.