Destiny: USA

Movie • 11 min 30 sec • Film Noir, Drama, Crime 
DESTINY is a Korean-American cast short narrative drama, with the sensibilities of Modern Korean Cinema. Over a friendly game of four-ball two men have a casual yet coded conversation about the woman they both are enthralled with. 

Kollwein's Day of Truth: Germany (Maryland Premiere)- Finalist Best Foreign

German district attorney Marie Hofmann and French police inspector Jean-Luc Laboetie are working on a case involving the murder of an employee at the nuclear plant Haut-Rhin, when an unknown man seizes control over the plant. David Kollwein, former head of security at Haut-Rhin, threatens to create a meltdown, should the French Minister of Energy fail to tell the inhabitants of bordering countries France, Germany and Switzerland the truth about the nuclear plant’s ailing condition. 

The Looking Planet: USA

During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression.

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ton's Wildest Weeek Run Time 1 hr. 54min.

Don't Mess with the Sharkies: Switzerland: Comedy- Finalist Best Short

After near extinction of humans by a higher developed species called "Sharkies", Marie and Robert, two of the last survivors, attempt to record a last statement for posterity. This turns out to be rather difficult because they risk being eaten alive wherever they go...

Tickets/Festival Passes

The Marking: USA

As They Continue To Fall: USA

Movie • 6 min • Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy 
From the writer of Marvel's Doctor Strange comes a story about an aging drifter hunts fallen angels in a city collapsing into ruins. Society may have turned its back on him, but that doesn't stop him from moving forward in his endless search.

Real Family Business: USA (World Premiere): Finalist Best Local

A reality show in Hagerstown?? Check out the trailer to our upcoming show Real Family Business. Based out of Hagerstown,MD. Subscribe to see bonus clips to be released.

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It's important to us to keep our tickets reasonably priced tickets are $7 or a daytime film and $10 for an evening feature. We're waging a war against the middleman markups that so frequently occur in this industry.  You can also purchase tickets the day of the show at each venue. Just know that seating is limited, and we can't guarantee availability for more popular films. If you have purchased tickets online just save your receipt and show it at the door! For all Day Pass and 3-Day All Festival passes please present receipt at the door!

Bluey: Australia

Bluey, an angry young woman trapped in a life of violence, meets a mystery mentor who could change everything. Bluey is a story of courage, heart and the fight for survival.

 hour 24 min.

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Kings of the Pages: USA; Short

Kings of the Pages is a documentary short that highlights the Golden Age of comic strips. With their artistry, humor, and relevance, comic strips were a significant part of the cultural/historical fabric of the early to mid 20th century and featured some of the greatest characters in entertainment history.

Charming: USA (World Premiere)- Finalist Best Short

Movie • 16 min 37 sec • Family, Comedy, Fantasy 
Prince Charming recounts his disastrous search for true love.

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Metanoia: USA

Movie • 13 min 55 sec • Drama, Fantasy 
Lost in a world of her own creation, Aoide’s surreal existence is threatened by an intruder.

Counter Histories: Rock Hill:  USA

Meet the men who stood up for their rights at the counter of the Rock Hill, SC Five and Dime. They asked for a cup of coffee and were instead met with violence, police brutality and unjust imprisonment. A small town miles from Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill became a landmark of the Civil Rights Movement, one that too few remember today. Students of Friendship College took on the weight of discrimination under the banner of non-violence and 'Jail No Bail.' The tactic spread across the South, inspiring protesters to no longer fund their own oppression through bonds and fines. The courage of these men ignited a passion and furor that rose into the famed Freedom Rides.

The Artifact: USA

A kidnapped archaeologist guards a treasure worth dying for.

Threshold: USA

Movie • 6 min 14 sec • Family, Drama 
A teenage boy unknowingly comes to his younger brother's aid, after his brother discovers a gun.

Mariam: France (Maryland Premiere)

Movie • 43 min • Drama 
Veiled Muslim teenager Mariam must decide between taking off her hijab veil or getting expelled from school in 2004 France when a law is passed banning religious symbols from public schools, at the same time that a popular boy in school starts paying attention to her.

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Quest for a Different Outcome: USA (Maryland Premiere)

A young researcher is paid a stealthy visit by the head of a secret organization, who expresses interest in his research work and invites him to a soiree to make him an offer.

Stronger: USA
​Movie • 11 min 25 sec • Drama 
A confrontation in a coffee shop becomes a battle of wills in which one woman must unravel her tangled past and identity from her silent rival.

Superior: USA (Maryland Premiere)

In the summer of 1969, Derek Suntila is weeks away from the Vietnam War and Charlie Eskola is weeks away from his first days at Michigan Tech University. Before the two best friends go their separate ways, they leave their small hometown in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on one final adventure: a two-week, 1,300 mile bike ride around the massive and unforgiving Lake Superior.

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Cold Winter's Night: USA: Student: Finalist Best Student

Movie • 17 min • Family, Drama, Fantasy 
On Christmas Eve, young Clara is panicked by the prospect of a new stepmother and flees to the woods on a journey of self-discovery where snowy magic helps her reconcile with her mother’s death.

Get Happy:  USA Actors Chris Riggi (Gossip Girl), Adam LaVorgna (7th Heaven), Jordan Lane Price (All My Children) -Finalist Best Feature

Charlie Kane can’t catch a break. As a child, he lost both his pet parakeet and his mother (to an open cage and pancreatic cancer respectively). As a result, he grew into a man who expects the worse out of life and gets it. But that changes when, by chance, he meets a bright, sunny sprite of a woman named Holly. 

Veritas United Church- Saturday April 2, 2016

48 Hours in Baltimore plus two films they shot during the contest: USA

'48 Hours in Baltimore” follows two teams as they struggle through the challenges of a 48-hour filmmaking contest, one fully expecting to win top honors and the other simply hoping to complete their film on time. Stresses mount, with unpredictable results as they scamper to write, shoot, and edit their film while barreling toward the deadline.

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Margaret: USA

Movie • 13 min 3 sec • Comedy, Drama, Romance 
After dealing with a series of extreme characters during a speed-dating event for senior citizens, an elderly woman meets a charming, exotic gentleman.

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Grounds: USA 

Living With the Dead: USA

Max McLean is eighteen years old and can't get out of bed. Since her boyfriend Adam killed himself over a year ago, Max has been using sex, drugs, and parties to ignore the pain until one day she wakes up in a hospital, haven taken a nearly lethal dose of sleeping pills. While being haunted by visions of Adam, Max runs away from home and ventures into the forest with a bizarre but endearing boy named Ish.

Nerd Prom: Washington's Wildest Week: USA (Maryland Premiere)-Finalist Best Local

Movie • 1 hr 19 min 50 sec • News 
From it's humble beginnings as a one night affair, the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner has grown into a nearly week long celebration of press, power players, celebrities and parties. A Politico reporter, Patrick Gavin, quits his job interviewing some of Washington's top policymakers and exposes a private world of excess and extravagance that is like nothing you'd ever imagine.

Love Different: USA (Maryland Premiere)

Lindsay Walker, a Caucasian woman who grew up in a small, all Caucasian town, gets a job at an African American consulting firm and finds herself in a complete culture shock! An African American co-worker, Neque Campbell, is given the task to help Lindsay get acquainted with the African American culture. Through their hilarious and eye-opening journey together, they both come to understand even more than they signed up for!

Fortress: USA (Maryland Premiere)

Movie • 14 min 4 sec • Comedy, Drama, Romance 
'Fortress' tells the story of April and Kalev who meet at an Italian restaurant after connecting online & agreeing to go on their first date. Is this unlikely match destined for disaster, or is something bigger at play?

Maryland International Film Festival April 1-3, 2016

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Yemeniettes: USA (Maryland Premiere)- Finalist Best Documentary

Movie • 59 min 29 sec • Documentary 
In a country without hope, what if three girls could inspire an entire nation to dream again?

En Las Nubes-Argentina: 

Movie • 20 min • Comedy, Drama, Romance 
The difference between how we think romance should work and how it actually does is at the comedic heart of EN LAS NUBES, an exploration of cultural disagreements about intimacy, love, and marriage proposals in the age of YouTube.

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The Peanut Butter Sandwich: USA

​Frank has the worst day of his life as he tries to make a peanut butter sandwich.

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Yan Yuan (Strange Connection): China
Movie • 16 min 21 sec • Drama, Romance, Thriller 
The hidden life of the Chinese female illegal immigrant.

Found: USA

Fighting for Hope
Movie • 1 hr 22 min • Documentary 
Fighting for Hope is a documentary film about one couple as they start to fight sex-trafficking in the suburbs of Atlanta.

The Power to Cure: USA (Maryland Premiere)

Three days after the FDA raided his office and running for his life, Dr. Joseph Baird leaves plans with a friend to release his breakthrough medical research to the public.

Poverty Inc.: USA

The Great Recession of 2008 proved that Wall Street and Washington’s promises of rising wages, upward mobility and job security were little more than empty rhetoric that paved the way to broken dreams, soup kitchens and homelessness for millions of American citizens. Six years later, the ranks of economically disenfranchised Americans continue to swell. 

Homeschool Reunion: USA
Movie • 12 min 11 sec • Comedy 
When Dan, an awkward Homeschooled Project Manager gets jealous of his friend's High School Reunion pictures on Facebook, he decides to throw one for himself!

At Last: USA

Movie • 9 min 56 sec • Comedy 
A socially awkward middle-aged man must overcome his chronic anxiety and insecurities when his online dating girlfriend unexpectedly turns up at his house with the clear intention to have sex with him.

Fools for Gold: USA (World Premiere)

Movie • 5 min 47 sec • Comedy, Western, Adventure 
An aging bounty hunter and his rambunctious son search for buried treasure in the Wild West, but a gang of bandits appear to reclaim what's theirs.

Hill of the Hapersnaks: USA

Movie • 11 min 29 sec • Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy 
As an author tries to write her masterpiece, her muses manifest within her novel as pesky and destructive creatures. How will she bring them under control, and how will her characters deal with the consequences?

Good Boy: USA

Movie • 15 min 33 sec • Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery 
Two high school friends, Caleb and Macon, are reunited after many years. During the tense reunion, Macon fights his tortured mind, wrestling with a dark secret that is the source of Caleb's greatest pain.


SLLiP Follows Cam, a young father injured at work who fights to shield his family from his daily pain and addiction. When prescription drugs are not enough to manage, will he risk losing his family and his sanity to his demons?

Araneae Dei: UK (Maryland Premiere)

A vulnerable child living with an addict parent decides to kidnap God.

Our Own: USA (World Premiere)

Movie • 11 min 31 sec • Horror, Thriller 
Our Own is the story of Ed and Marion, residents of a small Midwestern town, who know how far the government will go to keep its military secrets and discover how far they will need to go to escape them.


Movie • 19 min 43 sec • Film Noir, Thriller, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure 
A sci-fi noir set in a dystopian underground city on the eve of a revolution.

Wedlock: USA (Maryland Premiere)

​Inspired by true stories, three women work their way out of a divorce triangle they never signed up for.
Back in the dark ages before SCOTUS decreed marriage equality for all across the land... Sydney and Cameron are a happily engaged couple looking forward to their big day. There's one obstacle… Sydney is still married to Lisa and as their home state won't recognize their marriage, a divorce is impossible!

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Colt 13: Australia

A former sports phenomenon looks to settle a score with the man he believes is responsible for destroying his life - his brother.

We Have 10 Minutes: USA

20 years of silence and 20 years of pain and shame. At the exact location and time, 20 years later, two people meet again in the park. Marcia demanding the truth and Cal holding tight to the lie.

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Bridge of Life- Saturday April 2, 2016

Ovala Blues: Peru

Movie • 11 min 58 sec • Drama 
An experimental short film that combines documentary style techniques. A vagrant child works the streets of Downtown Lima in order to support a fictitious family. Seeking meaning to his life, chaos and loneliness will take will take him to a house where he will face the inevitable.

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Coming Together: An office Romance: USA

Movie • 7 min • Comedy 
A romance develops between two co-workers. One just happens to be an alien.

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Roubado: USA

​"Roubado" tells the story of Alain Castelo, an introverted Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the south of France. As he suffers his parents' recent breakup, the only solace he can muster is his penchant for photography. When his mother's new live-in boyfriend crosses the line, his eyes are opened to the world and he can no longer hide behind the viewfinder of his vintage camera.

A Forgotten Gift: USA (Maryland Premiere): Finalist Best Local

A young man discovers a gift left to him years after his grandfather past away.

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Coffee Date: USA

Ted and Alice meet for a blind date in a Charleston coffee shop. Things seem to be going well until there's some confusion. A rickshaw driver does his best to help. 
Coffee Date was funded through the SC Indie Grants program.

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That's E: USA

A coming of age comedy about a young man in his final years of college that returns home to Worcester, Massachusetts and to his old job working at a local comic book shop, That's Entertainment, for the summer. He runs into old friends, new problems, and finds out its the perfect place to reevaluate what he really wants out of life.

Dannelion: USA (Maryland Premiere)  Kerry Cahill (Terminator Genisys)

​Two women go on a shared quite to find resolution and closure.

Of Fortune and Gold: USA Actors- Eric Jungman (Castle), Jeff Schine (Masters of Sex), Valerie Hinkle (Teechers), Alice Hunter (NCIS)- Finalist Best Feature

Movie • 1 hr 54 min • Drama, Adventure 
Four millennials embark on a journey for hidden treasure, only to discover it's not gold that's missing from their lives.

In the Privacy of Your Own Home: USA

Movie • 16 min 56 sec • Comedy, Drama 
Rick, an aging widower, rids his home of clutter in an attempt to move on from his wife's recent passing. Upon lugging boxes and bags of junk to the curb, Rick meets a young girl, Angela, who asks if she can swim in his backyard pool. Rick indulges her request and invites her into his home only to soon discover there's something much deeper happening beneath the surface.

​​​​​​Academy Theater -Saturday April 2, 2016

Poor George: USA

George lives in two worlds. One perfect, his dream world, the other, his mundane real life, a living hell. Taking drastic measures, he enacts his plan to be in his dreamworld forever with his perfect girl, Dora. But that world it is not all as it seems. He soon learns there's a fine line between dreams and nightmares.

, At Last, Stronger, Metanoia Run Time 2 hour 01 Min.

The Donald Coffey Story: 

Movie • 48 min 46 sec • Documentary, History, Biography 
Is there a limit to the human mind?

... A Slave: Nepal; short

Movie • 23 min 14 sec • Drama 
'Kamaro' (literal translation bonded labor) is a form of slavery practiced in Nepal until the late20th century. A traditional practice, it continued for centuries, especially in the hills and mountain regions of Nepal. The form of slavery has changed, but still practiced in different parts of Nepal, with its variations. 

Brown Willy: UK- Finalist Best Foreign


Michael and Pete have been best mates for over 35 years. They went to school together, they went to college together, they misspent their youth together. In recent years they’ve grown apart and don’t talk as much as they used to. But they’ll always be best friends….won’t they?

Michael is about to get married. He doesn’t want a traditional 'stag do' and instead opts for a quiet weekend camping on the wilds of Bodmin Moor, taking in the stunning views and climbing to the top of Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall.

Back In Time: USA (Maryland Premiere)- Finalist Best Documentary

Movie • 1 hr 33 min • Documentary 
The documentary film Back in Time is, at its heart, a look at the very real impact the Back to the Future movies have had on our culture. What was once a little idea that spawned a tightly-focused documentary has grown into something truly amazing over two years of filming.

n Time 1 hour 23 min. 

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​​​​Washington County Free Library- Saturday April 2

Night of the Slasher: USA

A 'shot-in-one-take' slasher film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge.



Beyond the Label: USA Student: Finalist Best Student

Inspired by a 14 year old boy with non-speaking autism, this documentary follows a personal journey of learning more about individuals with autism and their amazing abilities. Primarily gathering information from individuals with non-speaking autism through Rapid Prompting Method- a method designed to circumnavigate the physical limitations of autism, providing this unique population with a means of written communication previously unavailable to them.

Good Grief: USA
Movie • 1 hr 40 min • Comedy, Drama 
Life pulled them apart. Cory drew them together. 
(A film inspired by one of the worlds most beloved comics.)​

e Forgotten Gift, Don't mess with the Sharkies, Coffee Date Run Time 1:56

Good Grief: USA

Movie • 11 min 30 sec • Documentary, Music 

 I tailored this film so it could bring the audience into the crevices and caves of how I discovered part of who I was by embracing how I've suffered, and celebrating my pain. 'Good Grief' stands for the grief we can experience while losing part of ourselves and the beauty available to us when the light is dim. 

Baltimore plus shorts Run Time 2:10

Ben and Ara: USA (Maryland Premiere)

Ben, a passionately agnostic PhD student, falls behind in his dissertation and is surprised to find a muse in Ara, a devout Muslim. Ben and Ara soon fall in love but grapple with differences in their core beliefs and lifestyle choices. They discover that when two cultures touch each other, the consequences can be magical and tragic.

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The Barry and Roe Show: USA

​Married tv stars Barry and Ro try to shoot a promo for their 1970's variety show.

Rendezvous: USA (Maryland Premiere)

A bumbling, middle-aged man goes on a dinner date with a woman half his age, but cultural misunderstandings keep him from connecting with her.

The Original I.Q. Tester: USA

After ten months on the road, Russell has finally called his brother Nate and asked him to come get him. When Nate arrives to pick him up, however, Russell's not so sure. He's been playing a peg game in restaurants for months and can't get a decent score. Something happened to the two brothers a long time ago, and he just can't win. Now he's about to find out that the promise the two boys made to keep it a secret has been broken. Nate's telling people.

Spammer: USA (Maryland Premiere)

​Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's stories of the occult, Spammer is the cautionary tale of an internet scam-artist whose annoying messages hook an unexpected victim. Be careful what you phish for.

me 2:10

River: USA 

River presents a unique perspective on the exquisite beauty that is present in infinite abundance when one focuses attention on the intimate motions of river water and its animated reflections and refractions of sunlight and sky. Image sequences of the river and the interplay of river motion and the changing patterns of light on the water are merged into a playful choreography with the music score.