Guidance: USA, Chicago

Movie• Drama• 17 min •

A Catholic high school psychologist with a secret struggles to keep his professional and personal lives separate and intact.

Washington County Public Library -Friday March 31st, 2017

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1:30 Library: 5 short films

Godly Manner: USA, Maryland Filmmaker

Student• Drama• Romance• Crime• 48 min •

‘A Godly Manner’ is a neo-noir film that dramatically intertwines the old and new elements of this classic genre. When morose doctor, Jacob Holloway (Steven Foote), unthinkingly falls for his mysterious patient, Alice White (Elisabeth Rayle), he will get more than he bargained for in their unconventional relationship, as he slowly discovers that she is not all who she appears to be.


Elisabeth Rayle -known for Strangers (2015), A Godly Manner (2016) and A Crime to Remember (2013).

6 Love Stories: USA, Georgia

Feature• Romance• Comedy• Drama• 75min •

​Over the course of one afternoon, in six different parts of LA, six couples connect, reconnect, or fall apart. Love Actually meets Magnolia.


Stephen Tobolowsky -known for  The Philadelphia Experiment (1984), Nobody's Fool (1986), Spaceballs (1987), and Mississippi Burning (1988). Since then, Tobolowsky has appeared in many popular movies including Bird on a Wire (1990), Basic Instinct (1992).

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3:30 Library Feature: No Retreat

No Retreat: USA, Finalist Best Feature

Movie•Drama •77min •

Two college friends reunite fifteen years later in a secluded summer home, for a writers' retreat. As they attempt to write a movie together, Sean, still a carefree musician and Emily, now an uptight lawyer, try to recapture the intimate friendship they once shared.

But over the course of the 
weekend, their relationship gets tested with the surfacing of old insecurities, creative inequalities, and their unfinished sexual past. In a heated argument, they unload decades worth of resentment and repressed anger, each knowing exactly how to hurt the other most. But then Emily reveals a shocking secret that completely undermines Sean’s supposed position of superiority.

The next morning, with nowhere else to go, they're forced to completely open up. Revealing the insecurities, failures, and disappointments they’ve kept hidden all these years, they come to a deeper understanding of each other. Will they go their separate ways or will their friendship be able to survive this new level of honesty?

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Dead Flowers: Spain

Short• Thriller •Drama •14min •

An envious tortured son tries to win back the affection and attention of his memory-damaged mother, unable to remember the death of her other son, who represents everything the first one hates.


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The Waste Land: USA, California Finalist Best Student

Student• Drama• 13 min •

Unheard by his family and bullied by his peers, a mentally unstable teenager struggles to arm himself against the mounting pressures of adolescent life.

Christmas Spirit

Student• 6 min •

A man with criminal intentions gets side-tracked when a man dressed as Santa Clause claims to be him from the future.

10:00AM Library : 2 shorts & Feature 6 Love stories

Shy Guys 

Short• 9min •

Two strangers (2016 Tony winner Reed Birney and newcomer Blake DeLong) bring the laughs as they confront and resolve one of the most insidious scourges afflicting mankind - while standing at public urinals with their willies out. The first film by ubiquitous character actor Fredric Lehne.

11:40AM Under the rose

Under The Rose: Spain, Finalist Best Foreign

Movie• Drama• Thriller •105 min •

Sara, Oliver and Julia's daughter suddenly disappears. Days pass by without any news about the girl. But one morning, the family receives a letter from someone who claims to have retained Sara and wants to talk with them that night.

Cul-de-Sac: USA, Philly

Short• Drama• 13 min •

Parents living at the end of a quiet Cul-De-Sac discover a listening device inside their son's teddy bear