5:10pm Bridge of Life: 1 short & Thank you for your service

Actress Kerry Cahill (The Walking Dead) will Host this screening

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Welcome Home: U.S. 

Short • 5 min•

On a New York subway, two Marine Corps veterans share an emotional moment, by reliving traumatic times while serving their country. We experience first hand the struggles of the returning veteran and connection between them, and to Those who fought for freedom, Welcome Home.

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The Winds of Downhill; US Filmmaker Attending; Maryland Premiere

Documentary • 21 min•

Seven homeless people share their views on life, art and beauty, as well as their fears and dreams, at a New York City soup kitchen. We are reminded that all people, regardless of how poor or mentally ill, have humanity, and it is this humanity that allows one to see the poetry that surrounds us all, despite the desperation of one's own circumstance.

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Apocalypse Rock: Maryland Filmmaker

Short • 25min•

Tom Harper is the last man alive. Surviving alone in an emergency broadcast radio station, he broadcasts a rock and roll fueled radio show each and every day in hopes that someone out there might hear him.

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1:30 PM  Short Program 3 Bridge of Life

Brief Glimpses at Strangers: U.S.

Short • 13 min•

Glimpses into the love lives of strangers over the course of one night in New York.

The 30th of May: U.S. Filmmaker Attending: Maryland Premiere
Documentary• 29 min• 

This film is a story of empowerment. For over 100 years, the city of Natchez had two Memorial Day celebrations---one black and one white. By the mid-1990's, the white celebration faded away, while the black celebration known as the "30th of May" continued to march on.

Virtually unknown outside of the region, this annual event is passed down from generation to generation giving evidence that the roots of patriotism run deep in the Mississippi River towns of Vidalia, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi.

Using animation, archival and aerial footage, and interviews with veterans, organizers, and participants, the "30th of May" documentary brings to life the remarkable untold story of this African American-led patriotic tradition in the Deep South. The film's original score captures the spirit of the 30th of May.It's a tradition unlike any other on the country.

Growing up FAT and Albanian: U.S. Filmmaker Attending

Short • 31 min•

A whirlwind Albanian American love story set in the 70's, 80's, 90's and present day. Watch Ella, as she grows up FAT and Albanian in America. Follow her zany life of arranged marriages, flying bullets at weddings, and learning the art of becoming a good 'Nuse,' a good Bride. Watch the bidding war that ensues when Ella refuses to marry the toothless sheepherder from the old country. Instead Ella is a headstrong American girl who defies everything--her strict Albanian culture, her traditional parents, and the FEARED family matriarch, Aunt Shirley. Ella risks it all for True Love. Will she get burned in the process? Your heart or Your Family. You Choose. But choose wisely. A story that messy, complicated, violent...a story about FAMILY.

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Bridge of Life -Sunday, April 2, 2017

Magic Mouse: U.S. Filmmaker Attending: Maryland Premiere
Short• 10 min• 

Magic Mouse is a comedy about two guys who have been repeatedly put down by their evil boss. One day they receive a Magic Mouse, which turns out to be the ingredient they need to be able to stand up to him once and for all.

The computer mouse they receive allows the cursor the leave the confines of the computer screen and manipulate the world around them.

Thank You for Your Service: U.S. 

Documentary• 88 min•

​Thank You For Your Service tackles the mental health crisis in the military and addresses specific solutions to reducing stigma both within the military and within the larger culture. We also tell the story of incredibly resilient veterans whose struggles and triumphs are chronicled in the film. With interviews from the leaders of our military and our government, as well as mental health professionals, non-profit leaders and veterans and their families.