Short• 10 min   

Lifelong friends November and Rosie, a popular YouTube duo, are hosting a live stream tour of November's new apartment, an event that forces them to confront their impending separation and uncertain future in real time and online in front of their 500,000 YouTube fans.

5:20 PM  Bridge of Life


Short• 10 min  

Alina, eager for a promotion at work, agrees to take on what appears to be a straightforward task: Housesitting and taking care of her boss Sybil’s precious dog, Winston. But confusion sets in when Alina arrives at the home only to discover that ”Winston” is in fact a stuffed animal — leading her to question both her boss’s motives and her mental state.

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Short• 8 min   

A science fiction drama about an Apocalypse's lone survivor who tries to escape his surroundings through his imagination. 
Finalist of YoungArts. 1 st place in Narrative Fiction from LA Film Festival (Future Filmmakers Program). Received a National Gold Medal from The Scholastic Art & Writing Award. Awarded with Lizzie Award for Production Design and Directors' Choice 

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Animation• 9 min  

Armed with her sketchbook, Lila walks off to the world, convinced that she has the power to make it a better place. Sitting at a bar, hanging out at a park or walking down a street, Lila draws the lines that fill up the magic lost by those around her.

City of Refuge

Student • 13 min  • Documentary

Izzy Atiyah, a 15-year-old American high school student travels to the Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan. She is the first youth to document the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the first to engage in the youth to youth perspective. Join this teenager as she discovers how the camp feeds 80,000 people every day, meets inspiring women who are learning to support themselves and their families, learns the story of a fellow teenage refugee with a positive outlook on life, and interviews a refugee with a passion for education despite few resources. 

The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus

Mockumentary 32 min.

In this mockumentary, a small agricultural town is flipped on it’s head while searching for the truth of it’s founder.

American Zealot

Feature• 90 min  

As graduation approaches, a Catholic schoolgirl plots to murder her best friend's abortion doctor. She's incredibly smart, but her plan might not be.

We Have Each Other 

Short• 19 min   

A young couple try to survive a crisis, but the real danger may be far more personal than either of them realize.


Short• 3 min   

Till Death Do Us Part is a short film about love.


Short• 15 min   

A surreal film about a young man named Steven who has a nice quiet dinner with his beautiful wife Ariel. As he fantasizes about the good times he's had with Ariel, he begins to suspect that his wife isn't what she seems to be.

 7:35 PM Bridge of Life


Short• 17 min  

Matt stares at the padlocked cabinet in his bathroom. Its contents a mystery. Its power overwhelming. Its fear palpable. The only person that holds the key to the padlock is Matt's partner, Julie. On one night, the key is turned in the lock and the truth about their relationship is unleashed.

John Lives Again

Feature• 84 min  

John needs to get his act together before he turns 30. He’s floundering – no real career, no real girlfriend. It’s time to be a man. And when he meets the elegant and professional Vanessa, he thinks he’s found the woman to elevate him. He works hard – with a little help from his friends – to bring himself up to her position. Then he discovers Vanessa’s world isn’t so perfect after all.

The film's an off-beat urban rom-com that's been likened to the style of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach. 
It stars Randal Edwards, featured in "Room".

State Inspection

Short• 8 min  

An anxious young man tries to talk to a woman he meets while waiting for his car at an auto repair shop.

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The Dawn

Animation• 4 min  

What do we find, in the dark, all alone? Forgotten memories? A past remembrance making its way out of the light? Things that attack us emerge to grasp and take hold of our identities and belongings; unknown creatures flying straight out of the dawn.

Produced in just under three months on a shoe-string budget, this experimental stop-motion collaborative music video utilizes hypnotizing visuals married with an energetic electronic music score by independent musician Patrick "Necatuss" Soper of Chicago.

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1:10 PM Bridge of Life Short Section 2

​OMEGA STATION (19), Other Ripken(6),City of Refuge(14)Dating Apocalypse (3),Mango Sticky Rice(15), Till Death Do Us Part(3),We Have Each Other (19),Wonderful World(8),Ariel(15), Encore(10)


Short 19 min.

Prisons come in many forms... 
The last man on Earth copes with life and isolation as he starts losing grasp of his reality.

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Raising the Bar

Documentary 80 min.

With India providing a spectacular backdrop, the documentary follows the lives of young people with Down syndrome: as participants from India and Australia meet at the World Down Syndrome Congress in Chennai, India. Celebrating the beauty and similarities of two vastly different continents through the personal stories of families living with Down syndrome; this authentic documentary is moving, inspiring and challenging, a memorable documentary that embraces what it is to be human.

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The Dating Apocalypse

Animation• 13 min  • Finalist

“The Dating Apocalypse” reimagines the dating app world as a dystopian fairground, where zombie-like single people ride the “Cycle of Loneliness” or visit the “Hall of Filters.” Our male protagonist wanders into the carnival and soon after seeks an escape from the games.


Short• 15 min  • 

MANGO STICKY RICE is a musical romance that focuses on Katie, a young woman who loves food, and Chris, a restaurant delivery man who has fallen for Katie, but doesn’t have the courage to tell her. For Katie, who is fiercely protective of her individuality, the concept of changing just to satisfy others is out of the question. After Katie’s family and friends pressure her to try online dating, she chooses the Thai restaurant that Chris works in as the setting for her dates. In the comfort of her favorite eatery, Katie reluctantly goes through the motions of an internet-induced courtship, while Chris longingly watches from the sidelines.

9:30 AM

I'm Scared

Animation 5 min.

Based on the art of contemporary pop-surrealist/street-artist Greg 'Craola' Simkins, 'I'm Scared' tells the story of young insomniac Ralf, who's kept awake by all the bumps in the night. In Seussian rhyming couplets, Ralf describes to his little brother all of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to devour the two of them. 'I'm Scared' is a fun, spooky, and immersive tale, brought to life through intricate hand-crafted stop-motion animation. Featuring the first instrumental score composed by Mark Hoppus (of the band Blink-182).

The Other Ripken

Short • 5 min 40 sec • Documentary, Comedy, Sport, Biography 

Billy Ripken wrote a filthy word  on his baseball bat...and created a legacy.

First Lady of the Revolution


While visiting an aunt and uncle in the exotic countryside of Costa Rica, a young Southern belle from Alabama accepted a ride on the back of a motorcycle belonging to a charismatic local farmer—a ride that would propel her down narrow mountain roads and into history.

First Lady of the Revolution is the remarkable story of Henrietta Boggs, who fell in love with a foreign land and the man destined to transform its identity. Her marriage to José “Don Pepe” Figueres in 1941 led to a decade-long journey through activism, exile, political upheaval and, ultimately, lasting progressive reforms.

First Lady of the Revolution is not only a depiction of the momentous struggle to shape Costa Rica’s democratic identity; it's also a portrayal of how a courageous woman escaped the confines of a traditional, sheltered existence to expand her horizons into a new world and live a life she never imagined.


Feature• 71 min  

Forgiveness is the missing peace.​

Teaching Peace: The Unorthodox Legacy of Colma

For more than 20 years Colman McCarthy, a self-described vegan, pacifist, and anarchist, has been teaching peace in schools across the D.C.-Metropolitan area. His subversive message and teaching style has inspired, provoked, and transformed the lives of students and faculty lucky enough to know him.


Short• 13 min  

Relationship consultant Cassidy Dixon specializes in break ups. But can she see the problems in her own love life?

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 Bridge of life -Saturday, April 1st, 2017