Glass Ceiling; USA, NJ: World Premiere: Filmmaker attending

Short• 12 min•

​Two contract killers seek revenge when they discover that they've been underpaid because they're both women.

Bad Job:  USA, Hagerstown
Short• 30 min• 

AWhat do you get when you combine twelve million dollars in confiscated Mob money, two off-beat criminals, a bank robbery gone wrong, a room full of hostages and some "odd" FBI agents?  You get a comedy where the bad guys seem better than the good guys, the hostages are crazier than the robbers and the everyone seems to be doing a really bad job!

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EMBRACE: Australia, Finalist Best Documentary

Movie • 90min  • Documentary

Embrace is told from the point of view of Taryn as she traverses the globe talking to experts, women in the street and well-known personalities about the alarming rates of body image issues that are seen in people of all body types. In her affable and effervescent style, Taryn bares all (literally) to explore the factors contributing to this problem and seeks to find solutions.

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7:30 PM Academy Theater: Embrace & discussion lead by Actress Ann Mahoney & Goodwill's Director of mission services, Catharine fleming

Actress Ann Mahoney (The Walking Dead, Sun Records) Hosts this screening and will have a Q&A after the films.

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Other Ripken: Filmmaker attending
Movie • 5 min 40 sec • Documentary, Comedy, Sport, Biography 
Billy Ripken wrote a filthy word on his baseball bat...and created a legacy.

Academy Theater -Saturday, April 1, 2017

Back for Good: USA, Pittsburgh, New York

Movie • 1 hr 13 min 38 sec • Drama, Romance 
Max Kelly is a pathetic cliché. She moved to New York to be an actress, but five years later, she’s a single cocktail waitress whose agent just hanged herself. When her hometown ex sends her the sign she’s been waiting for, Max starts to wonder why she left home in the first place. Sometimes to move forward, you have to move back.

Long Time For Lovers:  USA, NY: Filmmakers Attending: World Premiere

Feature• 1 hr 17 min • Comedy, Drama 
A group of friends treat relationships as if it's the last day on earth... On the last day on earth.

David H. Holmes (Birdman, Person of Interest, Law and Order)

Holly Horner (She)

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John Lives Again: Canada: Filmmaker attending

Drama •  84 min •

John needs to get his act together before he turns 30. He’s floundering – no real career, no real girlfriend. It’s time to be a man. And when he meets the elegant and professional Vanessa, he thinks he’s found the woman to elevate him. He works hard – with a little help from his friends – to bring himself up to her position. Then he discovers Vanessa’s world isn’t so perfect after all.
The film's an off-beat urban rom-com that's been likened to the style of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach.

It stars Randal Edwards, featured in Oscar-winning film "Room". 
Co-star Jordan Johnson-Hinds plays a character on the hit series "Suits"

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Flip Cup: Maryland: World Premiere: Filmmaker attending
Student• 6 min• 

A man with criminal intentions gets side-tracked when a man dressed as Santa Clause claims to be him from the future.

Last Call at Murray's: USA,Colorado Filmmaker Attending: Maryland Premiere

Feature• 97min • 

A Priest, a Lawyer, a Marine, a Biker, a VP, a Psychologist walk into a bar… Welcome to Murray's karaoke bar! Oh sure, everyone knows your name, but that's because Murray only has a handful of customers. Pile on new smoking laws and Murray no longer wants to keep the joint open. He’s closing at 8:00! But when a freak blizzard blows through just hours before the doors shut for good, Murray’s hope for an uneventful night is dashed after a disparate collection of dysfunctional misfits get stranded in his bar. Between drinks, karaoke and smoky jukebox music, bonds are formed, broken, and blown sky-high. And when the plow arrives in the morning, no one goes home the same—or even with the same people.

Michael Gross (Family Ties, Tremors)
John Savage (Deer Hunter, Hair, Salvador, Inside Moves)
Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow, Ray, Phone Booth)
Eileen Grubba (Game of Silence, The Five-Year Engagement, Sons of Anarchy)

The Last Thing You Need: USA, California Filmmaker Attending: World Premiere

Short• 12 min 
An internal battle ensues when a young man is confronted with the choice between his girl and his smokes.

5:30 PM Academy Theater: 2 short films & Back for Good

Final Notice: USA, Maryland Filmmaker Attending: World Premiere

Short • 13min • 

The CFO of a failing manufacturing company convinces the CEO to mail fraudulent bills marked ‘Final Notice,' believing that if the bill amount is less than $5.00, people will pay it without question. The screenplay won 2nd. place in the 2014 Baltimore screenwriters competition.

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What Weighs Us Down, USA, MA

Short 23 min.

Josh is a young man with some problems. He's lost his warehouse job and his relationship with his ex girlfriend Angie. His despair and depression are compounded by an addiction to opiates and the unwanted presence of his mom Brenda's ex-cop boyfriend Alan.:  USA, NY

10:15 AM Academy Theater: 3 Short films & John Lives Again

1:00 PM Academy Theater: 3 short films & a long time for lovers

Leadbeater: USA, Maryland Filmmaker attending: World Premiere

Student • 18 min •

A depressed art student and her group of millennial beatnik friends struggle to cope with repressed romantic feelings at a psychedelic birthday party gone awry.

A Menacing Proposal: USA: Maryland Filmmaker Attending: World Premiere

 Comedy• 13 min • 

When Maggie tells Connor they need to talk, Connor assumes she is going to break up with him. So he and his best friend Jack devise a hare-brained and disastrous scheme to get her to change her mind.

3:20 PM Academy Theater: 2 short films & Last call at murray's

Buttercup: USA, TX: Filmmaker Attending: World Premiere

Comedy, Horror• 5 min • 

Sheila's new babysitter Emmie asks if there are any bedtime rituals she needs to know about. There are.