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What to Expect During the Film Festival?

Question: What do you wear opening night? You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. There is no dress code. The trend is to dress up for opening night. Women wear dresses or nice pants. Men wear jackets, dress shirts, some with jeans and some with dress pants. On Friday and Saturday it's casual and for the evening films and parties you can dress up or be casual. It's up to you!

Q: Can I walk the red carpet? Absolutely! We believe everyone is a star. If you are attending,  you are helping support filmmakers and the local economy so you are clearly a star!

Q: Can I get my picture taken in front of the festival red carpet sign? Yes! You are a celebrity for the night! Our wonderful sponsor Anderson Photography will take the best picture of your life!

​Q: Is there music at the after parties? This year we will have live music at Gourmet Goat on Saturday and Bull and Bears on Sunday. Opening night there will be music at 28 South but the music is not live.

Q: Can I talk to the filmmakers? Be friendly and kind and everyone will have a great time!

Q: Is there food at the afterparties: Light hors d'oeuvres will be served once they are gone, you are on your own...Food and drinks can also be purchased at each afterparty.

Q: Are the afterparties free? Yes! Please join us in celebration of all those fabulous filmmakers!

Q: Can I dance at the afterparty? Feel free to be who you want to, live, love, laugh, and experience the festival fun!


Maryland International Film Festival March 31-April 2, 2017

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About the city of Hagerstown, MD: Hagerstown, Maryland was founded in 1762 by Jonathan Hager and quickly transformed into an avant-garde community. It is not only a beautiful and historical city, but it is also conveniently located near some of the most spectacular and historical monuments in the United States. Situated just outside of Washington D.C., Hagerstown boasts many recreational and cultural events. It is the truly the perfect location for the artistically inclined to celebrate their achievements, camaraderie and films. 

​About the City of Hagerstown

Vice President, Mary Anne Burke

Treasurer, Heather Guessford

Secretary, Bev David

President, tom Riford

Executive Director/Board ​​Tracie Hovey

Creative Director Joe Carnahan

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Board Members Not Pictured above:

Nicole Houser-Board at Large (pictured below); Karen Giffen- Board at Large (Pictured below); Bob Bruchey Board at Large; Francine Donachie Board at Large (Pictured below); Joe Marshner- Board at Large (Pictured below), Dan Poyner- Board at Large (Pictured Below)

Creative Director/ Board of Directors

The Maryland International Film Festival encourages audiences of all ages and backgrounds to participate. We offer free children's screenings and as part of our partnership with the Discovery Station that includes a free open house with movie characters on the Saturday during the festival. We also are proud to offer a free competition for high school students. We hope to provide a platform for other non-profits and organizations to further their mission through the celebration of film. We believe that through film you can promote a greater cultural understanding, philanthropy and volunteerism within the community. The film festival donates some of our proceeds to non-profit organizations in and around our community.

Community Outreach & Giving Back

Welcome fans and followers of the Maryland International Film Festival-Hagerstown. We are excited about our 6th year coming up - March 31 - April 2, 2017. We're thrilled to be in the same locations that we've always been. For 6 years, we've been bringing the good people of this city and county the finest films from around the world.

The festival started with our Executive Director, Tracie Hovey, who relocated from California to the East Coast. She had a film background and thought Hagerstown would be the perfect location for film festival. She brought her film festival experience and partnered with the movers and shakers of Washington County. The film festival became a 501(c)3 and launched in 2009! It has been growing every since. We have since added a Creative Director, Hollywood Director Joe Carnahan, who has brought us such films as "The Grey" and "The A-Team" with Liam Neeson and he is now directing Bad Boys For Life! He also has directed such television series as The Blacklist and State of Affairs. He has been a powerful partner in our festival! 

The festival is conveniently located downtown, we're in the middle of the arts and entertainment district. And after the films, we host some of the best after parties with live bands and fantastic food and drinks!

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